Dye Pot Quilts

All fabrics in this set are hand-dyed and most came from the same pot of dye. I am interested in the way fabrics respond differently to dye. Fabrics, of different fibers (or percentages) when placed in the same pot will come out looking very differently from each other. This little mystery is fascinating– standing over the pot, stirring, waiting to see how each piece will take the color.






6 thoughts on “Dye Pot Quilts

  1. Dear Karin,
    I love the Eternity piece and the “Feast”. I remember where that phrase came from. . . I think my favorite thing on your site is the new scarf. Maybe you have found your voice?

  2. Yours is my favorite blog – I am so fascinated by your work and I get so excited to scroll down and see what new and beautiful thing you’ve posted 🙂 I also love your discussion of your pieces – you are so gifted…

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